Larnaca City Photography Exhibition opens
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Cyprus Larnaca is Ningbo's "new friend". In March of this year, Ningbo and Larnaca established a friendly communication relationship. Today, a photography exhibition themed “Meeting Larnaca” opened at the New Library of Ningbo Library.

Cyprus is an island country located in the northeast of the Mediterranean and is an important node of the “Belt and Road”. Larnaca is on the verge of the Mediterranean, and is the third largest city in Cyprus.


With the support of the Larnaca Municipal Government, this photography exhibition has selected more than 50 works, including natural scenery, historical relics and scenery of charm port city.

The mayor of Larnaca City sent congratulate the opening of the photography exhibition. He said that this photography exhibition will show Ningbo citizens the unique historical culture and customs of Larnaca.

The photography exhibition will last until late June.

By Jin Lu

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