The craftsman makes art works to welcome the Asian Games
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A cute little dog made from an empty cola can, a rock singer made of a spoon and a fork, a horse made of scrap copper, a seahorse made of bearings and an engine igniter...In the Lin Aiguo Iron Art Museum in Longyu Village, Huangbi’ao Township, Xiangshan, there are more than 300 lifelike and lively iron art works on display.

These are all the works of Lin Aiguo, who carefully selected materials, ingeniously conceived, and used techniques such as shearing, cutting, grinding, forging, and welding to rearrange and combine. Whenever someone praises him for his skillful works, 72-year-old Lin Aiguo is like an old urchin. He is beaming with joy and his eyes are shining.

With the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games approaching, Lin Aiguo tried to use iron plates, iron wires, screws and other parts, with the mascots Chen Chen, Cong Cong and Lian Lian as prototypes. It took more than a month to cut, color assemble and weld. Finally he made three brightly colored iron works, which were displayed in the Iron Art Museum for visitors to enjoy...

"There is no such thing as scrap metal in the world. It depends on whether you put it in the right place. Even old metal parts can be turned into treasures as long as they are used properly." Lin Aiguo said.

By Xu Zhuowei

Editor: Zhu Yu, Yu Yongjun, Jin Lu, Zhang Jingjing

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