A new theme experience museum will be unveiled in May
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On March 24, the Zhenhai Natural Disaster Theme Experience Museum was completed, which is the city's first natural disaster theme experience center.

The experience museum is located in Ningbo Port Industry School. The venue covers an area of about 280㎡. The experience museum covers nine themes about natural disasters, including typhoons, floods, lightning, and earthquakes.


"The layout of each theme is to restore the disaster scene with a proportional simulation model, and cooperate with digital multimedia interaction to create an immersive experience, intuitively present the impact of natural disasters, and warn visitors of the hazards of disasters." The person in charge of the Zhuangshi Sub-district Office said.


The experience museum is also equipped with audio guide, which introduce the causes and countermeasures of various natural disasters, so that let public know the necessity to respect nature, prevent disasters, and enhance their awareness of safety. The experience museum fills the gap of Ningbo's natural disaster theme science museum, and can be used for on-site teaching and education in the city's geological disasters, flood control, and earthquake emergency response.


The experience museum will be open to the public free of charge in May. It will be significant for the public to understand natural disaster-related knowledge and improve emergency response capabilities.

By Xu Zhuowei

Editor: Zhu Yu, Yu Yongjun, Jin Lu, Zhang Jingjing

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