The blooming alpine rhododendron attracts tourists
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These days, on the top of Tengjiaao Mountain, Song’ao Town, Fenghua District, nearly 10,000 alpine rhododendrons bloomed gradually, attracting tourists to climb mountains and enjoy the flowers.

Tengjiaao is more than 500 meters above sea level and is adjacent to Xiangshan Port in the south. The temperature in summer is usually kept around 20℃, and the air is fresh, which can be called a natural "oxygen bar". Due to the low temperature, the alpine rhododendron blooms late here, generally beginning to bloom in mid-to-late April. When the rhododendrons in the plains have withered, the rhododendrons on the mountains have just bloomed.


The alpine rhododendrons here are more than 1 meter high, with branches and clusters, blooming on the entire hillside, which is quite spectacular. A tourist from Yuyao surnamed Zhang who came to camp said that camping beside the beautiful windmill road, looking at the stars and watching the moon at night, getting up in the morning to watch the clouds and mists, doing fitness, and revel in the "sea of flowers", "It's very comfortable!"


In addition to alpine rhododendrons, Song’ao Town has also planted more than 16.47 acres and more than 50,000 camellias, sakura, begonias and other ornamental flowers on Tengjiaao Mountain, and invested more than 6 million yuan in the construction of winding mountain roads and landscape corridors to create new tourist attractions.

Every year from April to November, various flowers bloom one after another. Wang Xingguofeng, a village cadre in Jieheng Village, said that in the second half of the year, when kiwifruit, pomegranate and other fruits are mature, the fragrant fruit will attract more tourists, and the rural economy will also develop.

By Xu Zhuowei

Editor: Zhu Yu, Yu Yongjun, Jin Lu, Zhang Jingjing

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