Rural beauty through ecological water management
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The Ninghai county and townships have invested tens of millions of yuan in the management of the Baixi and Lianghuangxi river basins each year to provide "live water in front of every house"; dozens of tofu workshops have been under pollution control as a whole, using "small tofu" to make a big story; Due to the lack of compliance with the town’s green development plan, 100 million investment projects were shut out refused...Since 2012, Ninghai Qiantong has initiated Ningbo’s first township water environment construction project, and carried out comprehensive management of dredging, river ridge reinforcement and green landscape construction on the 21-kilometer-long waterway. At the same time, 200 million yuan was invested to rebuild the Qiantong section of Baixi, and the flood control standard was raised to once in 20 years. 

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