Marinated raw crabs make you drool
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Ningbo natives like to eat crabs.

Most people in Ningbo fancy salty food. In the old days, when seafood came ashore, most of them were salted and dried for preservation.

There are many kinds of crabs in Ningbo, and each one of them could be enjoyed in a unique way.

Portunus crabs pictured above are often fat, and its female type have “red cream”, a gourmet food. Portunus crab is also called white crab in Ningbo. It is produced along the coast of the city and can be found all year round. The perfect time to eat such crab is around July and August. Portunus crabs generally weigh half a catty, some male crabs weigh a catty.

The crabs can be eaten fresh or salted, served with wine or rice.

In Ningbo, crab is a must-have dish for New Year's Eve dinner. During the New Year, locals choose fat and creamy female crabs, clean them and place them with their mouths up in wooden buckets. People then pour salt water into the buckets to cover the crabs. Press crabs with bamboo chips and stones,and then marinate the crabs for three to five days before eating.

When it comes to make crab paste, the quality of the crab does not need to be particularly good. Here's a recipe: cut off the small feet of crabs, peel off their lid, clean their viscera, cut their meat into several pieces, add salt, mix well, put them in a jar, and freeze them for a few days before eating.

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