Jingtou Mountain listed in Top 10 archaeological discoveries
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Today, the "2020 Top 10 New Archaeological Discoveries in China" were announced, and the Jingtou Mountain site in Yuyao is listed among them.

There is clear evidence that the source of the Hemudu culture is the remains represented by the Jingtou Mountain site.

The site is the deepest buried site found in the coastal area. It is 8 meters deep below the surface and is rich in cultural accumulation. A large number of human production tools and life remains were found in the accumulation, showing the way people lived in the coastal area at that time. The way of survival has strong characteristics of marine culture.

The underwater environment preserves a large amount of organic matter, such as a large number of bamboo weaves, fish baskets, and a number of wooden handles of stone tools, which were rarely seen before.

The Jingtou Mountain site provides a very important reference for the changes in the geomorphic environment and changes of coastline in Zhejiang.

The site is 8 meters underground, so it is very difficult to dig and the water table is also very high.

Many things worth studying were also found in the ruins, including the seafood that people had eaten at that time, the collections of some plant remains and animal bones.

By Dong Na

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