Ningbo drama "Zhang Renya" debuts in Great Theater of China
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Recently, Ningbo's original drama "Zhang Renya" was staged in the Great Theater of China in Shanghai.

Great Theater of China was founded in 1930, one of the founders was Huang Chujiu from Ningbo.

Great Theater of China is a medium-sized professional theater with 878 seats. Its stage lighting and sound equipment are in line with international standards, and is suitable for drama and musical performances.

From May to October every year, Great Theater of China holds an international theatre invitation exhibition.

This is the second time "Zhang Renya" has performed in Shanghai. In 2019, the play was performed at the Jiukeshu Future Art Center in Fengxian District, Shanghai. 

This time it came to Great Theater of China which founded by Ningbo people, to interpret the story of Zhang Renya, an outstanding Ningbo CPC member. The audience is expected to relive Zhang Renya's revolutionary career through the stage performance.

During the first Yangtze River Delta City Theater Festival, Huangmei Opera "Communist Manifesto", Opera "Morning Bell" and other fine products will also be staged one after another.

By Dong Na

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