【Ningbo,CEEC countries 】Ningbo's cross-border e-commerce with CEEC countries brisk
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At the China (Ningbo)-CEEC Educational Cooperation Conference held on the morning of June 10, Ningbo signed 18 educational cooperation agreements with CEEC countries and a batch of cooperation projects and platforms were officially launched. 



  The 2nd Docking Meeting for cross-border e-commerce in Zhejiang Province and CEEC businesses was held on June 10. About 110 entrepreneurs from such 10 CEEC countries as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech and Estonia gathered together with representatives from the cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Zhejiang Province to have discussion and dialogue on future cooperation.

  Besides the local cross-border e-commerce businesses, the kaola.com has also strengthened its imports from the CEEC countries. According to Jiao Yunfeng, who is in charge of the O2O flagship exhibition of kaola.com in Ningbo, the online introduction of the cocktail from Serbia is only the beginning. In the following period, the platform will have further cooperation with the brands and businesses of CEEC countries, and introduce the CEEC products to the local customers.

  "With the tax reform of the cross-border e-commerce, the integration and optimization of the overseas supply chain has become a key to the transformation of the cross-border e-commerce businesses. The focus of the cross-border e-commerce sales will gradually transfer from such popular products as milk power from Australia and diaper from Japan to other varieties." said Jiao yunfeng. As the quality-price ratio of the CEEC products is relatively high, the CEEC area has become an ideal choice for the expansion of the overseas supply chain. The kaola.com will accelerate its pace of introducing CEEC products to the platfrom. "At the docking meeting, we talked with the businessmen from Poland and Albania, and we looked forward to the import of honeybee and cereal products." said Jiao Yunfeng.

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