Ningbo Municipal People’s Congress Held Seminar on E-commerce Facilitation
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  Ningbo promotes the steady growth of consumption and a series of policy measures facilitating e-commerce businesses throughout the year by allocating the central and municipal funds of nearly 500 million yuan to support the transformation and upgrading of commerce, innovation and development. This is what we get from work on key recommendations from the Municipal People's Congress on the afternoon of June 23rd.

  "Promotion of industry transformation and upgrading of traditional businesses" was proposed by Huang Yanshui, representative of Municipal People's Congress in the Fifth Session of the 14th National People's Congress. The submitted proposal was listed as a key one by director of Municipal People's Congress, supervised by Shixiao Guo, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress and Vice Mayor Wang Jianhou.

  Huang Yanshui analyzed the impact of traditional business, vicious competition among business enterprises and other difficulties and challenges in this proposal on behalf of the e-commerce sector. He also recommended that the Government increase support for the traditional businesses, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional commerce industry to achieve development of the integration of online and offline commerce.

   Municipal Commission of Commerce replied that the city will increase policy support, and build a service platform, encourage innovation and development of traditional commercial enterprises, and raise funds from businesses for supporting traditional business e-commerce applications that in turn promote consumption market. At the same time, we will explore the establishment of a large-scale commercial outlets hearing system, establish commercial outlets above a certain size. Prior to the project, hearings must to be conducted by relevant departmental committee and then give the approval to raise the scientific, rational commercial network layout.

  Huang Yanshui expressed satisfaction to what the Ministry of Commerce has replied and offered more suggestions.

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